In 2009, Seth Friedman asked Tim Detweiler, then head of the James and Janie Washington Foundation, for a favor. His hope was to fill a child's wagon full of rocks from the yard of Seattle sculptor James Washington (1909-2000), carve a bunch of sculptures, try to sell the work, and then donate all monies back to the Foundation. A way to honor the kinship felt to a man who had a similar affinity to stone. A way to invest in the health of his legacy.

A little over a year later, this loose plan took on its own direction. The first gift led to a second, the second to a third, and so on. Brian Balmert, owner of Ornamo, a Pioneer Square home furnishings and design store, offered his incredible space and effort for a show. The idea of celebrating the unseen aspects of Mr. Washington's remarkable life came into being. A veritable army of volunteers joined our labor towards creating something unknown.

This exhibit was the result. A show created as a gift.
Please explore if you can. Donate if you can.
Thank you.


Mr. and Mrs. Washington's veritable collections of everything were displayed in vitrines kindly provided by the Northwest African American Museum. These mini-exhibits (listed at left), comprised the "body" of the work. Sculptures for sale were displayed on two 18' fir slabs flanking the space.

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